27 October 2010

Robots & things that go bump in the nite .

Natt wearing: beige fur vest[$0.99!!], lace onesie- f21, maxi skirt- H&M, chanel purse.
Nina wearing: fedora, sequined jacket, purse, black shirt- vintage, sweater, velvet shirt- Artizia, jeans, boots, scarf- UO, ring-italy[& sadly broke a couple days after :( RIP]
Our last friday evening was spent downtown, east side. a tad scary? yes.. a tad. but i told nina if any guys tried to kidnap us i'd pull out my karate moves... that i learned in the fourth grade...aka there would have been no hope for us...
we made a pit stop at two art shows. met up with tk & her lovely friends.
both places were real neat. liked the vibe & the people & their creative styles.  
we settled our cravings on mcD's: strawberry milkshakes & fries [for dipping of course].
the rest of our night was spent on the look out for my car.
we were hopeless with directions, and we even had a GPS... 
an hour of walking later we find the car, safe & sound. 
we blasted the music home. 

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