09 November 2010

sheer thru !

photos: style.com [spring 2011 read-to-wear]

i wouldn't be surprised if you're fed up with my non-stop speeches of sheer/see-thru material.
but i might as well get it out of my system while i can, because eventually i will get sick of talking about it, & i'll have something else to blabber on about that i find fascinating. 
instead of writing paragraph after paragraph of what i love about these photos, i'll just make it short and sweet & conclude with "i love everything. yes everything. colours, material- light flowiness, structure, fur, patterns, red lips, smokey eyes".


p.s! if you are not yes following seventy2ndstreet... make your way to the bottom of the page & click--- you know the rest...

02 November 2010

Floating mannequin head...

phone photos.
i am pleased to present istagram ... an app i got for my iphone.
helps make my job of photo editing a lot easier when i'm lazy.
on a completely different note nina & i were talking [as we tend to do so 24/7] & came up with a brilliant, but unrealistic idea. this summer we are going to become flight attendants & travel & get discounts...
nina was convinced we really could do this. 
i sat there & laughed & then finally had to tell her with a somewhat straight face that it really could not happen. 
but wouldn't it be nice?
lastly, i'd like to mention that it was a freakin gorgeous day today.
compared to the rain storm last night, today was a treat. 
there something very cheerful about the sun's rays shining through the window...

28 October 2010


Sooo Natt and myself are a bit obsessed with Europe.
She wants to go to Sweden the most and I would love to go back to Paris...and Italy.....and England.....and pretty much everywhere else. It's just so lovely over there! 
The fashion,the art, the cities, the beaches, the boys, I mean people :) 
It's all so inspirational
This is all I think about when I'm in transit going to and from school ( its a looonng way!) so that gives me lots of time to day dream about these things haha. Maybe one day Natt and I will be on a plane there. 
It will happen, I swear....soon  
can't wait. 

xx nina

Louis Vuitton, so wonderful. 

27 October 2010

Robots & things that go bump in the nite .

Natt wearing: beige fur vest[$0.99!!], lace onesie- f21, maxi skirt- H&M, chanel purse.
Nina wearing: fedora, sequined jacket, purse, black shirt- vintage, sweater, velvet shirt- Artizia, jeans, boots, scarf- UO, ring-italy[& sadly broke a couple days after :( RIP]
Our last friday evening was spent downtown, east side. a tad scary? yes.. a tad. but i told nina if any guys tried to kidnap us i'd pull out my karate moves... that i learned in the fourth grade...aka there would have been no hope for us...
we made a pit stop at two art shows. met up with tk & her lovely friends.
both places were real neat. liked the vibe & the people & their creative styles.  
we settled our cravings on mcD's: strawberry milkshakes & fries [for dipping of course].
the rest of our night was spent on the look out for my car.
we were hopeless with directions, and we even had a GPS... 
an hour of walking later we find the car, safe & sound. 
we blasted the music home. 

21 October 2010

Photos that taste good.

Be sure to notice:
- fur
- beige
- chunky, slouchy jewelry
- trench
- loose/ baggy tops
- floral hair pieces 
- animal prints
- maxi dress/skirts
i'm currently in the process of growing my hair out. it's at that awkward stage right now where it's not super short or super long. dilemma... 
i'm not gonna cut it cause i want it to keep growing but it looks like a disaster when i wear it down. therefore, tucked up & bobby pinned into a high bun has been its safe keeping for the past month. & actually, it's refreshing to keep my hair out my face. when i had super short hair i was constantly flicking hair out of my eyes... hands touching hair numerous times= greasy hair... yay for non-greasy hair in a bun !
.... i've been thinking of dying my hair light light brown.
& piercing my nose [hoop ring]... 
any critiques?

xx natt