30 September 2010


time for my first blog post. hooray!
hi I'm Nina

Today was an interesting day.....yeah. It was one of those weird days when you can't decide weather it's a good or bad day. I'm pretty sure it was good.
I met a lovely old man while I was waiting for the bus. We talked about travel and that made even more excited to go back to Europe....I'm not sure when that will be...(as soon as possible.)...hopefully!
btw I love to travel, I'm a little obsessed...just to let you know.

anywho....I love this. 
 lipstick broaches are so wonderful..especially this color. yum.


28 September 2010

Fashion on the Streets.

our mission today was to scout out various styles on the sidewalks of vancouver but success, sadly, was not achieved. we were shy.
we thought: we've just started this blog. what do we say to people when we ask to take their picture? we don't have a card to give them... or anything.
i ended up asking two girls. i was like what heck. do it.
and luck! they were so kind. one girl had fabulous hair. amazing. & then their guy friend joined in.
on the way back nina & i fiddled with the cam & snapped our outfits from today.
then, our fabulous before-dinner binge consisted of [3 each] subway cookies. we have an obsession. 

27 September 2010

Blogger Crush

one blogger that i've been following for about a year now is: 
christeric. this outfit, hands down, one of my favorites of hers. sheer & sideless, long maxi + boots. 
it's too bad nina & i live in a city that literally has a summer & winter. cold and warm/hot. i only wish i could wear 'summer' wear during winter time, while it's still 18 degrees celsius out. 
i think that's why i've always wanted to reside in cali one day. i'd probably get tired of it. all the drama & pressure that it seems to have. but i'd like to experience it, meet alot'a people & hear their stories. see interesting people on every block downtown.