09 November 2010

sheer thru !

photos: style.com [spring 2011 read-to-wear]

i wouldn't be surprised if you're fed up with my non-stop speeches of sheer/see-thru material.
but i might as well get it out of my system while i can, because eventually i will get sick of talking about it, & i'll have something else to blabber on about that i find fascinating. 
instead of writing paragraph after paragraph of what i love about these photos, i'll just make it short and sweet & conclude with "i love everything. yes everything. colours, material- light flowiness, structure, fur, patterns, red lips, smokey eyes".


p.s! if you are not yes following seventy2ndstreet... make your way to the bottom of the page & click--- you know the rest...

02 November 2010

Floating mannequin head...

phone photos.
i am pleased to present istagram ... an app i got for my iphone.
helps make my job of photo editing a lot easier when i'm lazy.
on a completely different note nina & i were talking [as we tend to do so 24/7] & came up with a brilliant, but unrealistic idea. this summer we are going to become flight attendants & travel & get discounts...
nina was convinced we really could do this. 
i sat there & laughed & then finally had to tell her with a somewhat straight face that it really could not happen. 
but wouldn't it be nice?
lastly, i'd like to mention that it was a freakin gorgeous day today.
compared to the rain storm last night, today was a treat. 
there something very cheerful about the sun's rays shining through the window...