21 October 2010

Photos that taste good.

Be sure to notice:
- fur
- beige
- chunky, slouchy jewelry
- trench
- loose/ baggy tops
- floral hair pieces 
- animal prints
- maxi dress/skirts
i'm currently in the process of growing my hair out. it's at that awkward stage right now where it's not super short or super long. dilemma... 
i'm not gonna cut it cause i want it to keep growing but it looks like a disaster when i wear it down. therefore, tucked up & bobby pinned into a high bun has been its safe keeping for the past month. & actually, it's refreshing to keep my hair out my face. when i had super short hair i was constantly flicking hair out of my eyes... hands touching hair numerous times= greasy hair... yay for non-greasy hair in a bun !
.... i've been thinking of dying my hair light light brown.
& piercing my nose [hoop ring]... 
any critiques?

xx natt

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